Why Publish Your Article in COT?

Speed of publication

Online submission, electronic peer review and production make the process of publishing your article simple and efficient.

No space constraints

Publishing online means unlimited space for figures, extensive data and video footage.

Promotion of your articles

Articles are widely promoted through email updates, table of contents, email alerts, postings on our homepage, and press releases to the general and scientific press —all resulting in increasing levels of accesses for each article. The journal is also promoted at many scientific conferences to bring your work to the attention of professionals in your field. These activities increase the exposure and number of accesses for articles published in the journal. You can also promote your article via your own email lists, online links, listserves, distribution at conferences and any other innovative techniques you wish to adopt.

High visibility

Communications in Optimization Theory’s publication policy allows maximum visibility of articles published in the journal as they are available to a wide, global audience. Articles that have been especially highly cited are listed in “Most Cited COT”.