Most Cited COT

The most cited top 5 articles published since 2012:


An approximate bundle method for solving variational inequalities

Volume 1, pages 1-18

Jie Shen, Li-Ping Pang


Iterative processes for fixed points of nonexpansive mappings

Volume 2013, Article ID 3

H. Zhang


On existence of operator solutions of generalized vector quasi-variational inequalities

Volume 2015, Article ID 1

Tirth Ram


Convergence theorems of soutions in reflexive Banach spaces

Volume 2015, Article ID 7

Sun Young Cho


On the existence of solutions of quasi-equilibrium problems (UPQEP), (LPQEP), (UWQEP) and (LWQEP) and related problems

Volume 2016, Article ID 3

Tran Van Su, Than Van Dinh